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First Day of School 2018 First Day of School 2018 First Day of School 2018 First Day of School 2018 First Day of School 2018 First Day of School 2018 First Day of School 2018 First Day of School 2018 First Day of School 2018 First Day of School 2018 First Day of School 2018 First Day of School 2018 Class of 2018 Class of 2018 Class of 2018 Class of 2018 Class of 2018 Governors Scholars Program Participants Ninth District Science Fair Ninth District Science Fair Ninth District Science Fair Ninth District Science Fair Holmes jumps out to an early lead. Students at Sixth District enjoy breakfast with Santa. Ms. McHugh helps a student zip her coat. Holmes High School Girls Basketball Team It's fun to learn to read. Holmes High School Boys Basketball Team Middle School Band Concert Sixth District wins 1st place in boys basketball tournament. Glenn O. Swing Wildcats finish in 2nd place in the girls basketball tournament. Latonia Elementary girls basketball team wins 1st place. Glenn O. Swing cheerleaders win 1st place in the cheerleading competition. Latonia Elementary cheerleaders win 2nd place in the cheerleading competition. Sixth District cheerleaders compete in the cheerleading competition. Tyrah Englemon takes it to the basket. Covington Schools Board of Education Latonia student gives Carlos Dunlap a high five. Students gather with Bengals defensive end Carlos Dunlap Student Enjoys Using a Tablet in Class Students play with a brain model donated by Amazon. The ribbon is cut to open the new Holmes stadium. Amazon Donates $10,000 of STEM Equipment to Holmes Middle School The Bulldog mascot poses with two young fans. Students pose with Mayor Joe Meyer and Amazon representatives after large donation from Amazon. Summer Scholars Program 2017 James E. Biggs students are ready for graduation It's a great day at Covington Independent Public Schools.




How many PD hours do I need?


Below is the number of hours needed for the 2017-2018 school year.  The dates correspond with district Professional Development days on the 2017-2018 calendar

If your hire date is between:

June 01, 2017 thru August 22, 2017 (PD Day#1) -- You will need 24 PD hrs

August 23, 2017 thru October 9, 2017 (PD Day#2) -- You will need 18 PD hrs

October 10, 2017 thru November 22, 2017 (PD Day#3) -- You will need 12 PD hrs

November 24, 2017 thru June 8, 2018 (PD Day#4) -- You will need 6 PD hrs 

June 8, 2018 thru June 11, 2018 (Last Day for Teachers) - You will need 0 PD hrs  


What is an Individualized PD Plan?


An Individualized PD plan is a plan designed for each staff member who is required to earn PD hours. Your building principal or immediate supervisor creates the plan. After your plan is completed and approved you can begin to register for your courses on PD Express.

A copy of each person's plan is on file at Central Office as a reference for approved PD and stipend hours.

2017-2018 Individualized PD Plan

2018-2019 Individualized PD Plan


Do I have to register for courses on PD Express?


Registering for courses in PD Express allows for the presenters to plan for materials and for accommodations.

Email reminders are sent to each person, five days before the course about the upcoming PD.  An email will be sent to those who are registered in case of venue or time changes. 


What if a course is not listed on PD Express how do I earn my PD credit?


If a course is not listed on PD Express this may mean that the course is not a district course. After you complete the approved course complete a PD form (one attached), have your building principal or supervisor sign it, submit to Becky Egan at Central Office for processing.


There are four Professional Development days built into the school calendar, when are the PD dates scheduled?


PD day #1 -- August 22, 2017

PD day #2 -- October 09, 2017

PD day #3 -- November 22, 2017

PD day #4 – June 08, 2018



Why do I have to do PD?


In relation to the district and school's professional development, we adhere to the state mandated professional development law, KRS 158.070 that states, "each local board of education shall use four days (24) hours of the minimum school term for professional development." 


Who is required to complete professional development hours?


ALL certified teachers are required to complete 4 days (24 hours if your local board has approved a flexible PD calendar) of professional development in order to complete the required minimum school term. If the teacher is employed for less than the minimum school term, then the amount of professional development required is pro-rated.


What is the time frame for completing the 24 hours of staff professional development during a given school year?


Professional Development calendar year -July 1 to June 30. If your school does not have a flexible PD calendar, then PD should be completed prior to the closing day of school. In addition, district policy may dictate a cut off date for PD activities to be completed. Professional development activities may begin for the next school year after all closing activities are completed for the current school year provided the district is on a flexible calendar.


What is considered high quality professional development?


High quality professional development activities are those that are clearly connected to the school/district improvement plan, and/or the Professional Growth Plan (PGP) of the teacher, which were identified through a needs assessment process. Isolated events that are not connected to school/individual improvement plans or the PGP and do not include follow-up do not meet the criteria for high quality professional development.


Who is responsible for determining whether PD is high quality and approving it for credit?


Determining the quality of professional development and subsequently approving professional development for credit is the responsibility of the school district. According to KRS 158.070(4)(b)(2) the principal or if school council policy dictates it, the school council itself, is responsible for approving professional development. The professional development coordinator is responsible for determining whether district level professional development meets the standards and is approved. The Kentucky Department of Education does not determine the quality of professional development, nor does it endorse or approve professional development opportunities.


How are professional development needs determined at the school and district level?


The planning guidelines require a needs-assessment process that includes analyzing school and district data as well as individual professional growth plans and other sources to determine needs for professional development. These needs also grow out of the identified academic content goals for students. Any time there is a need to change practice, there is a need for professional development.


May professional development funds be used to pay stipends to staff attending training sessions outside the 4-day professional development requirements?


Yes, professional development money may be used to pay stipends to staff attending training sessions outside the 4-day professional development requirements. Stipends cannot be paid for attending training that occurs on a day in the school calendar, unless it is after school hours. That would be double compensation.


Are teachers allowed to receive professional development stipends for training on days in which they receive credit for a professional development day?


No, this would be double compensation for the same day and it is not allowed.


Can a teacher present a professional development session that counts toward the required professional development hours?


Districts have the responsibility of approving professional development hours accumulated by their staffs. Should the district choose to approve the hours a teacher serves, as a trainer for a professional development program, said teacher should not receive a stipend for program delivery. While professional development might be awarded for the hours spent preparing the training session, guidelines for acceptable professional development activities would have to be followed.


Can parent teacher conferences count as professional development?


No. However, parent-teacher conferencing skill development is permissible as professional development 704 KAR 3:035 Section (4)(9).


Are assessment analysis activities considered “acceptable professional development?


Yes, if the activity is designed to be a collaborative analysis of students' assessments with the goal to determine what changes to make in instructional practices. The scoring of writing portfolios in isolation is an assessment administration responsibility for faculty and as an activity is not acceptable as high quality professional development.


Are sports clinics or athletic seminars appropriate for professional development?


No, the 4-day (24 hour) professional development requirements and state funds allocated for professional development are for experiences that shall, "Be related to teachers' instructional assignments and administrators' professional responsibilities. Experiences shall support the local school's instructional improvement goals;" and "Be aligned with the school or district improvement plan or individual professional growth plans of teachers." 704 KAR 3:035 Section (4)(2). Coaching is not a responsibility that requires professional development as described above. In addition, Athletic Director is not a position recognized as "administrative" under KRS 156.011.


Is watching videos considered high quality professional development?


Not as an isolated activity. If the content of the videos clearly supports the individual /school/ district improvement plan goals and is part of an ongoing professional development program then it could be considered high quality. Simply watching videos to meet the 4-day (24-hour) requirement is not high quality professional development.


Should instructors being trained to be resource teachers in the K.T.I.P. program be granted professional development credit?


This is a district decision. If the reason the teacher is attending the training is to broaden their understanding of how to be an instructional coach, than credit may be appropriate. If the teacher is participating in the program to help intern teachers make a successful transition to teaching it would not be appropriate. Remember, resource teachers do receive remuneration for their service in the program.


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