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Board of Education


The Covington Board of Education is comprised of five dedicated board members who are elected by the voters. Each board member is committed to serving the students, parents, staff and community members in the Covington district. The board is continuously evaluating programs and policies, and exploring ways to improve the district. As always, the board welcomes and values public input. As reflected in our district logo, the board's priority is to guide students to dream, to achieve, and to succeed. The board has adopted a five-year strategic plan to meet those directives.

To inspire and prepare our students to excel academically and personally.

All students graduate with the skills to achieve their dreams and adapt in a changing global society.

High Expectations
Continuous Improvement

Core Beliefs

In our quest to become a national leader in education WE BELIEVE WE MUST:

  • Ensure high levels of learning for all staff and students
  • Intentionally recruit, support and retain high-quality staff
  • Require students to be active participants and take ownership in their education 
  • Nurture each student's creative potential to produce a love of learning and the ability to innovate
  • Maintain welcoming, safe and secure environments for students, families and staff
  • Use data, along with fair and objective measures, to evaluate progress
  • Create a culture of collaboration with students, families, staff, and all community stakeholders to maximize student success
  • Embrace diversity and provide equitable and inclusive educational opportunities for all students


  • Ensure the effectiveness of the district's systems and teaching and learning processes
  • Implement a rigorous, standards-based curriculum that prepares ALL students to be college and career ready
  • Develop systems districtwide to ensure efficient, effective internal operating processes
  • Maintain a culture that is engaging for all stakeholders, and utilize resources and services to reduce barriers to learning