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Exceptional Children Services

English Language Learners

The Covington Independent English Language Learner Program is designed to assist students with limited English proficiency to speak, read, write and comprehend the English language and to meet challenging state content goals to close the gap between limited English proficient students and other students. Limited English proficient students are given instruction to successfully attain English and participate in all-English classrooms.

LAU Plan


Vivien Jimenez - Holmes High School / Transformational Learning Center,   859-750-2821 

Rocio Whitelock - Holmes Middle School,   859-490-0188

Orihet Huffman - Ninth District / Latonia Elementary School,  859-490-0938 

Evan Klein - Sixth District / Biggs Preschool,  859-638-3704 

Eva Rios - John G. Carlisle / Glenn O. Swing,  859-609-3853 

Dr. Susan Pastor-Richard,
Director of Exceptional Children Services

212 Levassor Place
Covington, Kentucky 41014
Administrative Assistant
Renee Fuson