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Health Services

Covington Independent Public Schools Department of Health Services is dedicated to the achievement of optimum health for our students. It is well documented that healthy children learn better. Facilitating a child's academic progress through the early identification and treatment of health problems is accomplished through mandated health services such as vision and hearing screenings, health education, parent education and immunization promotion. 

The goal of health services is to provide for the health and well-being of students and staff and to facilitate the District’s compliance with state mandated health regulations.

Health Services staff is available to assess the impact of chronic illness on the educational process and to provide classroom presentations on health matters.

As a support program in the schools, the Health Services Department realizes the need to work with staff to reduce the barriers to learning. In order to best serve the needs of the student population in a proactive manner, the quality of care must be a primary concern.  Each school has a health office staffed by a nurse at least part time. 

The overall goal of education is to assist students to become productive members of society.  It is imperative they learn that at times they must work through minor discomforts.  Health education is an ongoing learning process. Teachers and classroom staff are asked to evaluate students complaining of illness and share their observations. As their primary teacher, they are better able to detect those differences that could help evaluate their complaints. The nursing staff works to help all children understand the difference between an illness and just having an off day.

Jennifer Fowee,
Director of Health Services

2500 Madison Avenue
Covington, Kentucky 41014
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