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The Technology Department is a dedicated team comprised of a Director of Technology and five Computer Maintenance Technicians.  We strive to support the success of our schools and to ensure that learning is a student-driven process of exploration, creativity, and discovery in a safe and secure environment.

Our team provides comprehensive support for an extensive range of technology resources,  including wired and wireless internet connectivity, printers, copiers, phones, wireless and wired devices, projectors, Smart and Interactive TVs, sound systems and more.

Notably, Covington Independent Public Schools is a one-to-one district for all students in grades K-12.  We cater to the needs of 3,300 students and 800 staff members. This department oversees and supports more than 4,500 computers and tablets.  The team plays a crucial role in facilitating a modern and efficient learning environment by ensuring the functionality and accessibility of essential technology tools and infrastructure.

help desk

Jamarcus White,
Technology Director

25 East Seventh Street
Covington, Kentucky 41011

IT Technician
Joe White
IT Technician
Rick Brock
Jared Laney
IT Technician - Holmes Campus
859-655-9545, ext. 16203
Brian Baird
IT Technician - Holmes Campus
859-392-1100, ext. 12303
Isaiah Snapp
IT Technician