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Employee Assistance Program

Covington Independent Public Schools is now partnering with St. Elizabeth Hospital to offer an Employee Assistance Program for our employees and their family members. The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can help with almost any type of personal problem, such as emotional stress, depression and grief, marital and/or relationship problems, divorce, job stress, and alcohol and drug problems.

This service is being provided at no charge to employees and their family members.  The Employee Assistance Program is strictly confidential.

When you schedule an appointment with EAP, you will meet with a professional counselor who can help you and/or your family members work through problems.  EAP offers in-person counseling as well as a telehealth option. Scheduling an appointment is easy; simply call 859-301-2570. 

If you should have questions about this new service, please call the St. Elizabeth Employee Assistance Program at 859-301-2570 or visit



Alvin L. Garrison